My submission to the 2021 #BulletHellJam

Play as Honey the Cat and protect your backyard from these pesky rats!

  • Use the arrow keys to walk around and avoid the water bullets.
  • Every 10 seconds, Honey activates anger mode and nothing can stand against her.

You can find the original "Honey the Cat" game here.

A huge thank you for the TIC80 devs for creating such an amazing fantasy console and to everyone that helped me playtest this game.

On a note: this is my first game jam and I am happy to finally be able to take part in this kind of challenge! Unfortunately, I couldn't complete the game on time but I had a lot of fun turning one of my first games into a bullet hell.

You are encouraged to provide as much feedback as possible! Don't be shy to leave a post on the community tab with your criticisms and suggestions.